Asia Pacific Desk

Asia Pacific Desk

From Chile to Asia

The emergence of Asia economy, particularly China, is a great opportunity to Latin American investors to enter an attractive and large market where Chile was the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations and to sign a free trade agreement with China.
Consequently, Cariola has created the Asia Desk in order to assist Chilean investors to enter in the Asian market. Therefore, we consider a key strategic alliance with Dacheng Law Offices (, the largest law firm of Asia. This is the first alliance between law firms from Chile and China. Working together we can provide a combined experience and competence to enter not only into China market, but also as a platform to develop businesses in Asia, because it has offices throughout the Region. We have been building reliable and long-lasting relationships with private and state-owned Chinese companies which provide us the know-how to assist and handle complex matters in several legal areas.
Additionaly, Cariola´s Asia Desk is staffed with specialized lawyers, who besides speaking Mandarin, English and Spanish, have Chinese cultural background and hold master degrees and professional working experience with international law firms of United States, Europe and China as well as significance experience in deals related to China.

From Asia to Chile

Over the years we have expanded our services to international companies and developed an extensive network, long-term relationships with the most important law firms across the globe practicing in Latin America.
We are fully aware of the relevance of the Asian market for Chile. Since 2004, we have been working on increasing our presence in Asia by organizing and participating in seminars and conferences related to China and establishing contacts with Chinese authorities, chambers of commerce and other social and business organizations. In our client-portfolio we are proud to assist many and varied clients in transactional, commercial and corporate subjects from China, including Hong Kong India, South Korea. We also provide services to Chinese state and private companies in areas such as mining, agribusiness, heavy machinery, industrial and automotive, among others. At the same time, we provide services to several Chinese State-owned companies as well as private companies, in areas such as mining, agroindustry, automotive, industrial, heavy machinery, among others. In order to consolidate our relationship with Chinese investors, our firm has created an Asian Desk, by means of which we are prepared to conduct all the Asia-related transactions of our firm and to provide specialized services to our clients.
Our Asia Desk is staffed with lawyers who are not only fluent in Chinese, English and Spanish, but also have Chinese background as well as professional experiences and significant involvement in China-related transactions. We believe that this constitutes a great asset that provides a significant support to our Chinese clients in entering into the local market of Chile. Additionally, most of our lawyers hold master degrees in the most important Universities of the world, including China, the United States and Europe, as well as professional working experience with international law firms.

We have represented private and state-owned Chinese and Asian companies. A list of representative clients is provided upon request.


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