What We Do

Constitutional Law

In connection with Constitutional Law, we advise our clients in the defense of their constitutional rights related to their economic activities, such as property rights, the right to acquire any kind of property, equality before the law, equal distribution of legal burdens, due process, equal treatment by the Government in economic matters, freedom of association and privacy.

Judicial actions form a part of this work: constitutional remedies of protection (recurso de protección constitucional), judicial review of the constitutionality of laws (recurso de inaplicabilidad por inconstitucionalidad) by the Constitutional Court, remedies of economic amparo (recurso de amparo económico), and illegality claims against governmental entities, such as municipalities and regulatory authorities. We also handle administrative remedies and claims, such as appeals for reconsideration (recurso de reposición), hierarchical appeals (recurso jerárquico), invalidation petitions (solicitud de invalidación), and extraordinary review appeals (recurso extraordinario de revisión).

In addition, we prepare and file requests for legality statements (dictámenes) on constitutional issues by the General Comptroller’s Office (Contraloría General de la República) when the subject is within its purview of competence.

Finally, our firm also issues legal opinions (informes en derecho) on constitutional matters at the request of clients for submission in a judicial procedure or in support of a business decision.


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