What We Do

Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

Our firm has assisted large international hotel chains now present in Chile, not only in how they have set up business in the country and operate every day, but also in all aspects of finance, taxation and the negotiation of operational, management and franchise agreements with third parties. We oversee all areas of daily hotel operations: labor; litigation; commercial; regulatory and operational issues.

We have represented an important number of hotels in Chile regarding copyrights for music and audiovisual reproductions, to name a few.

In addition, ever since the Gaming Casinos Law was enacted, we have assisted several foreign investors in applying for and/or obtaining licenses to operate gaming casinos. We have collaborated in the preparation of documentary submissions and filing of comprehensive projects with the administrative authorities, in addition to negotiating with local investors, suppliers and partners. We have been counsel to gaming casinos in purchase and merger negotiations; contracts with hotel chains, restaurant operations and other contracts and services.


Díez, Sergio
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