What We Do

Labor Law, Social Security and Immigration Law

Our practice counsels on the laws and regulations that have a bearing on labor and social security activities in Chile.

Our services include drafting and preparing all kinds of employment contracts, suited to all forms of contract arrangements allowed under current legislation: structuring compensation and benefits packages, stock option programs, and preventive labor audits; supporting corporate restructuring processes with labor impacts; and counseling in service outsourcing processes. We draft employment contracts with expatriate staff and prepare and monitor applications for work permits and visas. We provide support in all areas of interest to expatriate executives who reside in Chile.

We also advise companies throughout collective bargaining processes, both with unions as well as with groups of workers. We provide assistance in the event of strikes and we prepare and draft collective bargaining agreements.

We regularly organize lectures and seminars for clients to keep their Human Resources departments and divisions current on these matters.


Tisi, Ricardo
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