What We Do

Fisheries and Aquaculture

We have more than 30 years of significant experience in fisheries and we can provide comprehensive advice to foreign and local companies engaging in extractive fishing, processing, distribution and sale of ocean products. We provide ongoing advice and legal support to clients in their dealings with the Ministry of Defense, Undersecretariat of the Navy, General Bureau of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine, Undersecretariat of Fishing and National Fishing Service, and other related government regulators.

Our practice encompasses active handling of matters relating to fisheries, aquaculture and maritime issues in general, such as aquaculture concessions, their transfer and lease; the import, acquisition, substitution and transfer of fishing vessels and salmon transportation; mortgages on vessels and pledges on aquaculture and biomass concessions. We also take care of the transfer and lease of tradable fishing licenses; of the execution of naval documents; of compliance with the laws and regulations on the management of fresh and frozen seafood products, on seafood processing, with environmental regulations on processing plants, slaughterhouses, disposal facilities and on those same activities on fishing vessels, with the regulations on coastal trade (cabotage), port regulations in general, and the regulations on loading and unloading ships.


Díez, Sergio
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