What We Do

White Collar and Compliance

We advise corporations both in prevention and in reactive decisions in cases of crimes or regulatory infringements such as internal frauds, authorities’ investigations or frauds committed by third parties. Contingencies of this kind produce highly complex scenarios that require an adequate investigation of large amounts of documents.. We provide these services to our clients to be in position to adopt the best decisions for their case.

We represent our clients before criminal courts and we develop internal investigation in order to identify the extent of every contingency, collecting the available information. If necessary, we also work on defenses when accusations by authorities are made, and on accusations against third parties. Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to provide creative, sophisticated and realist solutions, to protect our client from threats or risks both internal and external to the company.

Regarding our compliance services, we work on the implementation and accomplishment of compliance models according to Law 20.393, referred to criminal liability of corporations, and we look for robust and efficient risk control mechanisms that set to each company’s reality. We guide our clients in the development of their activities for it to comply with the laws at every stage, and we work in order to assure that its compliance culture is effectively transmitted to its managers and employees.

Our consulting services in compliance include:
– permanent legal assessment to our clients on compliance with the laws and its relationship with its providers and clients as a support to its legal managers and compliance officers;
– regular training of managers and employees through lectures and instructive documents referred to risks regarding different crimes;
– design, implementation and monitoring of compliance programs; and
– identification of risks of crimes both current and potential.


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