Who We Are

Work Philosophy

We firmly believe in the advantages of teamwork and in the benefits of fluent feedback between our clients and their attorneys.

Therefore, our standard practice is that at least one partner leads the working team, formed by associates and/or of consultant lawyers, depending on the matter in question, for each new project. This working structure is intended to maximize teamwork efficiency, since several professionals well-versed on the topic should be available at all times to provide legal assistance in any aspect our clients may need.

There is also permanent interaction between the practice groups in charge of a given client and the firms’ legal experts. Therefore, our clients can benefit from the experience of Cariola’s various practice groups. This way, for example, the attorneys in charge of analyzing a corporate restructuring work together with securities, tax or labor attorneys, to obtain expert advice in those areas in devising the new corporate structure. Likewise, litigators may offer their court-seasoned viewpoints to the attorneys working with any given client, drawing up complex contractual clauses, establishing dispute-resolution arrangements or choosing the legislation applicable to a particular transaction.

To serve our clients with total independence and before embarking on any new working relationship, we perform internal checks to determine whether there is a conflict of interest with any other client or matter on which the firm may then be working.