Who We Are


Cariola’s partners excel both in the professional and academic fields, teaching in the country’s most prestigious universities and participating in the publication of legal texts. Founding partners of our firm participated in the drafting of the 1980 Constitution of the Republic of Chile, provided advice to the Central Bank of Chile and other public entities, and were elected Senators of the Chilean Congress.

Our attorney selection process is exhaustive and demanding. We are not only interested in the good professional record of our candidates, with degrees from our country’s leading universities and specialized/associate work overseas, but we also prefer well-rounded personalities with a solid ethical background, committed to their profession as a life calling, with dedication to public service. We look for individuals who will also prove creative, energetic and sensible in tackling emerging issues.

We also place particular emphasis on ongoing education and expansion of legal knowledge and learning. Our firm encourages our attorneys to attend seminars, courses and lectures on various topics and fields of law, whether as a participant or lecturer in Chile or abroad. We also promote among our legal professionals the writing of legal articles and discussions for our newsletters, monthly publications with analytical discussions on new legal texts, case law and rulings of the various regulators, among other topics of interest, in corporate, tax, environmental and labor matters.

The firm has a program of continuing education for its lawyers consisting in lectures on relevant legal matters, business transactions, new regulations and recent jurisprudence, and also offers to its lawyers courses to improve the use of software and the proficiency of foreign languages.

Advanced training and practice in the international arena is also encouraged. Many of our professionals have completed graduate studies at prestigious foreign universities, such as: George Washington University, Harvard University, Michigan University at Ann Arbor, New York University, UCLA, University of California at Berkeley, London School of Economics, University of Oxford, among others.