Relevant Transactions

Relevant Transactions

We advised Southern Cross Group in the acquisition of Petrobras in Chile for US$ 490 million.
January 2017

We advised Cognita Chile Limitada in the acquisition of the 49% of Sociedad Desarrollos Educacionales S.A. from Inversiones La Construcción S.A
September 2016

We advised the controlling shareholders of Ripley Corp S.A. in the partnership agreement with El Puerto de Liverpool.
July 2016

We advised ATCO Logistics & Structure Ltd., in connection with the acquisition –through its Chilean subsidiary ATCO Logistics & Structure Inc. II Limitada– of 50% of Sabinco Soluciones Modulares S.A., a company wholly-owned by Ultramar Agencia Maritima Group.
April 2016

We advised a subsidiary of Ripley Corp S.A. in the acquisition from a subsidiary of Cencosud S.A. of 16, 5% of Inmobiliaria Mall Viña del Mar S.A. (“the Company”), which is the owner of the shopping malls Marina Arauco located in Viña del Mar city and Curico located in Curico city. Then, we also advised Ripley Corp (now owner of 50% of the Company) in the amendment of the Company´s by-laws. This amendment was negotiated and agreed with Parque Arauco S.A. which is the owner of the remaining 50 % of the Company.
April 2016

We advised Multiexport Foods in the investment agreement of a capital increase of its subsidiary Salmones Multiexport S.A. (Salmex) in connection with the Japanese company Mitsui & Co. Ltd. for an amount of US$100, 7 million. Multiexport Foods will own 76.62% of its subsidiary Salmex and Mitsui will hold a 23.37% of the stock of the company.
December 2015

We advised Enel, controlling shareholder, in the reorganization process of listed companies Enersis, Endesa Chile and Chilectra.
December 2015

Our firm represented Goldcorp Inc. in a Joint Venture, which Goldcorp´s “El Morro” gold and copper project and Teck Resources Limited´s “Relincho” copper and molybdenum project were integrated into a single mining project called “Project Corridor”, located in the Atacama Region of Chile for an initial capital costs of $3.5 billion.
November 2015

We advised Medtronic in the acquisition of 51% of Scardin Corp Chile S.A. (Cardiored), a leader company in cardiovascular services and solutions.
October 2015

We advised Iansa in the 49, 21% sale of shares to ED&F Man. At the same time, ED&F Man acquired 32, 19% shares of Inversiones Campos Chilenos. Thus, ED&F Man will control 91, 95 % of the issued share capital of Iansa and 93, 15% of the issued share capital of Inversiones Campos Chilenos.
September 2015

We advised SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) Chile in the acquisition of the 70% of SIGA Ingeniería y Consultoría S.A., leader engineering service firm in Chile.
September 2015

Our firm advised Godrej Industries Limited, a company incorporated and existing under the laws of India, acquires 40% of the shares of the Chilean company Cosmética Nacional S.A. through its Chilean affiliates Godrej Holdings (Chile) Limitada and Godrej Consumer Investments (Chile) SpA.
September 2015

We advised Empresas Públicas de Medellín E.S.P. in the acquisition of Aguas de Antofagasta for US$ 965 million.
June 2015

We represented Banmédica in the joint venture in Peru between Banmédica and El Pacífico Peruano Suiza Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros.
December 2014

Our firm advised Franco-Nevada Corporation in the agreement with Lundin Mining Corporation for the purchase of 80% of the Chilean companies owning the mining deposits of Candelaria and Ojos del Salado from Freeport-McMoRan Inc. for US$648 million.
November 2014

We advised Korea Southern Power Corporation (KOSPO) and Samsung C&T Corporation (Samsung) in a joint venture Kelar S.A. for the development of a combined-cycle power plant to be located in the Antofagasta region for US$400 million.
November 2014

We assisted Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA (German company) in the acquisition of 51% of the shares of the Chilean company SIM-SA S.A. (nowadays, Dräger Simsa S.A.).
May 2014

We represented Aqua Gen Chile S.A. in the purchase from Australis Seafoods S.A. of all of the assets involved in the salmon egg production and genetics division of the latter, belonging to its subsidiary “Landcatch Chile S.A.”
February 2014

We advised Silver Standard Resources Inc. in the sale of the Challacollo mining project located in northern Chile to Mandalay Resources Corporation
January 2014

We represented Ripley Chile S.A., Ripley Financiero Ltda. and CAR S.A. in the whole legal process to integrate its credit card business with Banco Ripley.
December 2013

We advised AES Gener in the joint venture agreement between AES Gener (60%) and Antofagasta Minerals S.A. (AMSA) for the construction and operation of the Alto Maipo hydro power project for US$1,650 million.
July 2013

We advised Automatic Data Processing, Inc. in the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Payroll S.A.
June 2013

We advised Cognita in the acquisition of the 51% of the shares issued by Desarrollos Educacionales S.A., which were acquired from Inversiones La Construcción.
June 2013

We represented Empresas Públicas de Medellín in the purchase of equity interest in two eolic projects; Parque Eólico El Pacifico and Parque Eólico Cebada with 110 MW owned by Eolic Partners Chile S.A. for US$220 million.
March 2013

We advised Red de Salud Universidad Católica (UC), Chile’s largest private health care network, in the negotiation process and agreement to sell its 40% of property to Christus Health for US$205 million.
February 2013

We represented Comsur S.A. and Tecnologías Gráficas Cordillera S.A. in the purchase of all the shares of Aqua Print Impresores S.A.
January 2013

We advised Endesa S.A. in the process to increase the capital of its Chilean subsidiary Enersis S.A.
December 2012

We advised AES Gener, the third largest power company in Chile, in the agreement between AES Gener (60%) and Mitsubishi Corporation (40%) for the construction and operation of Cochrane, coal-fired power project, whose investment reaches more than US$1.3 b
November 2012

We advised Principal Financial Group in the acquisition of Chile’s AFP Cuprum, a private pension fund manager, from local conglomerate Penta for US$1.5 billion.
October 2012

We advised Banco de Crédito del Perú in the acquisition of the 60.6% of the property of IMTrust.
July 2012

We advised Tam Airlines in the merger with LAN Airlines to create a new company called LATAM which will be the Latin America’s largest carrier.
June 2012

We advised Comsur S.A. (the largest billboard advertising company) in the sale of the 50% of Massiva S.A.
May 2012

We represented Empresas Iansa S.A. in the acquisition of 38% of the shares of Patagonia Investment S.A.
May 2012

We advised a group of Chilean and foreign investors lead by the Chilean company BO Packaging S.A. (“BO Group”) in the purchase the paper mill company Papeles Norske Skog Bío-Bío S.A. (“Papeles Bio-Bio”) from the Norwegian Norske Skog Group for US$56 million.
May 2012

We represented Godrej Industries Ltd. (India) in the acquisition of 60% of the shares of the Chilean company Cosmética Nacional S.A.
April 2012

We advised Energía Austral (Xstrata Copper) in the sale of the 51% of the hydroelectric project to the Australian firm Origin Energy. Energía Austral is one of the largest hydroelectric projects in Chile, located in the Aysén region in south Chile with a capacity of 1,100 MW.
April 2012

We advised Vida Integra S.A. (a subsidiary of Isapre Banmédica S.A., a leading private insurance company), in connection with the acquisition of 69.55% of the shares of Centromed S.A., a health ambulatory services provider located in the Valparaiso region.
February 2012

Our firm represented SGS Chile Limitada, Sociedad de Control, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss company SGS S.A., in the acquisition of 100% of CIMM Tecnologías y Servicios S.A. for an amount of US$37 million.
January 2012

Our firm represented Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. (ISA) in the acquisition –through a Chilean subsidiary- of 40% of the holding company of the five concessionaires operating the Ruta 5 Sur toll road for an amount of US$211 million, reaching 100% participation.
December 2011

Our firm represented Southern Cross Group in the sale of Central Tierra Amarilla to Inkia Energy.
December 2011

Our firm advised BO Packaging in the acquisition of all Industrias del Envase (IDE) common shares and the control of IDE from brewers Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus y Johnston for US$22.5 million aprox.
November 2011

We represented Linpac group Ltd. in the sale of 100% of its subsidiaries’ (Linpac Packaging Ltd. and Linpac Iberoamericana) interest in the Chilean company Linpac packaging S.A. to Carvajal Group, a major Colombian packaging holding for US$35 million.
November 2011

We represented Organización Terpel S.A. (Colombia), controlled by Copec, in the sale of its subsidiary Organización Terpel Chile S.A. to Quiñenco Group for US$320 million.
September 2011

We advised Skanska in the sale of 50% of Autopistas de Antofagasta to Las Americas investment fund for US$45 million aprox.
June 2011

We advised Logica International, a leading European business and technology service provider, in the acquisition of Gesfor group, a privately held Spanish consulting and professional services company, for US$45 million.
May 2011

We advised Automotores Gildemeister S.A. in connection with a 144A private placement and offering of US$300 million notes due on 2021 issued by Automotores Gildemeister S.A., a Chilean company involved in the vehicle business, with the guarantee of its C
May 2011

We represented AIMCo (Alberta Investment Management Corporation) in the acquisition of Skanska’s 50% share in Sociedad Concesionaria Autopista Central, a private toll road operator located in Santiago, for US$890 million.
April 2011

We represented Salfacorp S.A., one of the largest listed construction and engineering company in Chile, in the acquisition of 100% of shares issued by Empresas Tecsa S.A., for US$35 million.
April 2011

We represented The Coca-Cola Company in the sale of its 45% stake in local bottling company Coca-Cola Embonor S.A. (listed company) to the controller Vicuña family and a group of financial investors for US$380 million.
March 2011

We advised Shell in the sale of its downstream assets in Chile to Quiñenco (listed company) for US$614 million.
March 2011