Our clients are at the center of everything

Cariola’s main mission is to fully satisfy the legal needs of our clients in any area of the law, through high quality advice provided in a comprehensive, efficient and appropriate manner. With this objective in mind, Cariola’s lawyers propose simple, precise legal solutions, designed for each particular client or case.


We provide comprehensive professional advice to our national and foreign clients, whether they are creditors or debtors, guiding and representing them throughout all stages of the liquidation and reorganization processes.

Our firm has extensive experience in this area, as we have participated in multiple liquidation and reorganization processes in accordance with the new Insolvency Law, as well as having participated in innumerable bankruptcies and complex judicial agreements. For this purpose, we have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers that allows us to address insolvency situations in all their dimensions, with continuous interaction between experts in judicial insolvency (in liquidation and reorganization processes); lawyers with expertise in financial matters, particularly in corporate restructuring and liabilities, creation of guarantees, and purchase and sale of debts; and also a team of labor lawyers to face contingencies of this nature that can arise for both the debtor and the creditor in a situation of insolvency.

We have intervened in various processes representing national and foreign debtors and creditors in areas such as retail, transportation, general commerce and technology, among others, with special focus on the proposal and evaluation of business reorganizations, an aspect of the new law that seems to be the current trend for companies facing insolvency.