Our clients are at the center of everything

Cariola’s main mission is to fully satisfy the legal needs of our clients in any area of the law, through high quality advice provided in a comprehensive, efficient and appropriate manner. With this objective in mind, Cariola’s lawyers propose simple, precise legal solutions, designed for each particular client or case.


Our firm works intensively in the discussion and review of environmental impact studies and declarations, and in administrative and court appeals in the context of the Environmental Impact Assessment System. We also provide advice to our clients in the analysis of and compliance with the applicable environmental regulations, as well as defending them before the administrative procedures of supervisory authorities, including, but not limited to, the Superintendence of the Environment, the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels, the Health Authority and others.

Our lawyers have outstanding experience in participation in conflicts arising from environmental contingencies, as a result of the growing controversies and new environmental regulations regarding industrial, mining, agricultural and commercial projects.

This area of practice includes work related not only to the application of Law 19,300 on General Bases of the Environment, but also to the Health Code and the supplementary legislation of both regulatory bodies. In this regard, the application of Law 19,253 on Protection and Development of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, has been very significant.