Our clients are at the center of everything

Cariola’s main mission is to fully satisfy the legal needs of our clients in any area of the law, through high quality advice provided in a comprehensive, efficient and appropriate manner. With this objective in mind, Cariola’s lawyers propose simple, precise legal solutions, designed for each particular client or case.

Technology, Privacy and Media

Our firm permanently advises local clients and several of the world’s largest technology companies on legal aspects related to information technology, telecommunications and data protection.

We have a unique niche of highly specialized lawyers with deep knowledge in technology, including internet, electronic signature, software and licensing, databases, SaaS and cloud computing, cryptography and data security, among others.

This has allowed our team to participate in some of the most important technology and telecommunications infrastructure projects in Chile, as well as in large transactions involving rights to exploit content in different media and platforms.

With respect to privacy and data protection, we offer comprehensive services ranging from the preparation and review of policies, adaptation of processes in companies required by the General Regulation on Data Protection of the European Union, audits on regulatory compliance, processing of commercial information and credit scores, to the completion of inventories and records of data activities.

We are proud to have among our clients several technological startups and in addition our firm is part of the Corporate Network of Startup Chile.

Finally, the Technology, Privacy and Media group has been designed and trained to work collaboratively and efficiently with other practice areas of our firm, highlighting the successful performance in litigation with information technology components.