We are a full-service law firm, and one of the leading law firms in Chile. We deliver value to our clients, with serious proposals and accurate and prompt responses in all of the areas that are important when doing business in Chile.


Cariola’s partners are renowned in both professional and academic fields, with chairs in the most prestigious universities of the country and positions editing legal texts. In addition, partners of the firm are members of the General Council of the Chilean Bar Association and have participated in the drafting of the Constitution of the Republic of Chile, advised the Central Bank of Chile and other public bodies and formed part of the Senate of the Republic.

Cariola’s lawyers go through an exhaustive and demanding selection process. It is important to us that our lawyers not only have a good professional curriculum, with degrees from the leading universities of the country and specializations and practices abroad, but also that they are well-rounded people with strong values, committed to their profession and seeing it as a life vocation and a public service; individuals that show an attitude of creativity, dynamism and good judgment when facing problems.

Furthermore, the firm gives special importance to the continuous development and deepening of legal training and learning. With this aim, we promote our lawyers’ attendance at seminars, courses and talks on a variety of subjects and areas of law, whether they participate as attendees or as speakers, in Chile or abroad. We also encourage the collaboration of lawyers in the preparation of articles and legal analysis for the firm’s news bulletins, monthly publications that contain analytical studies on new legal texts, case law and opinions of the various regulatory bodies, among other prominent issues, in corporate, tax, environmental, labor and judicial matters.

Many of our lawyers work as lecturers in the best universities of Chile.

The firm also maintains a continuous training program for its lawyers, with internal talks on relevant legal issues, recent cases, regulations and case law, and offers its lawyers courses in software management and foreign languages.

Specialization and international practice is also encouraged among our lawyers. This is why many of our professionals have postgraduate studies at prestigious foreign universities, such as: George Washington University, Harvard University, Michigan University at Ann Arbor, New York University, UCLA, University of California at Berkeley, London School of Economics, University of Oxford, among others.