We are a full-service law firm, and one of the leading law firms in Chile. We deliver value to our clients, with serious proposals and accurate and prompt responses in all of the areas that are important when doing business in Chile.

Work Philosophy

Cariola believes in the advantages of collaborative teamwork, and in the benefits of exchange and smooth communication between our clients and their lawyers.

Each case has at least one partner in charge, leading a team of lawyers, depending on the subject matter. The purpose of this structure is to ensure efficient teamwork and enable us to provide legal advice on any topic required.

There is also continuous interaction between the teams in charge of a specific client and the firm’s specialized lawyers, in order for the client to benefit from the experience of Cariola’s different areas of practice. In this way, for example, lawyers involved in the study of a corporate reorganization work together with lawyers in the Securities, Tax or Labor area, in order to obtain specialized advice in these areas when designing the new corporate structure. In the same way, Litigation lawyers can provide their judicial point of view to the lawyers in charge of a client when drafting complex clauses of a contract, when establishing how to resolve disputes or when choosing the law applicable to a transaction.

Furthermore, prior to the start of any new professional relationship, Cariola performs an internal check in order to establish if there is any conflict of interest with any other client or matter with which it is working. This is in order to be able to always serve our clients with complete independence.