Our clients are at the center of everything

Cariola’s main mission is to fully satisfy the legal needs of our clients in any area of the law, through high quality advice provided in a comprehensive, efficient and appropriate manner. With this objective in mind, Cariola’s lawyers propose simple, precise legal solutions, designed for each particular client or case.


Environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) criteria seeks to establish high standards of performance and good practices in companies. Although these standards are “non-binding” from a strictly legal point of view, they have become a differentiating factor for companies and investors, as well as for an important part of society. Today, more than ever, companies must act responsibly in order to promote sustainable development in harmony with nature and the environment.

Our ESG practice focuses on advising and accompanying our clients in all those areas related to corporate sustainability, in order to help them prevent and mitigate risks and furthermore generate value for the company over time through the adoption of new criteria of relationship with the community.

Our professionals understand that, in today’s world, it is not enough to simply provide legal advice. There must be an understanding of other factors that come together so that companies can meet their strategic objectives. We are well aware of the opportunities and challenges posed by the growing attention to sustainability and are therefore perfectly positioned to help companies meet their sustainability objectives.

We have a multidisciplinary and diverse team, market leaders with in-house practical experience in risk management and ESG standards implementation. We design innovative and applicable solutions that fit the different needs of our clients. We have the flexibility to provide specialized advice depending on the client’s business phases.

Among the services we offer regarding ESG we can mention:

  • General advice on ESG standards.
  • Advice on the preparation of integrated reports under NCG 461 of the CMF.
  • Advice on sustainable finance and investments.
  • Conducting due diligence processes associated with ESG.
  • Collaboration in the strengthening of governance models (corporate governance).
  • Corporate risk and corporate integrity assessments.
  • Inclusion of ESG standards in contracts with third parties.
  • Design and implementation of internal policies, procedures and protocols that comply with ESG standards.
  • Advice on human rights risk management in the supply chain.
  • Advising boards of directors on responses and strategies regarding activists.



Business compliance standards require a multidisciplinary effort that encompasses all potential risk areas present among the activities of the respective industry or service. The Economic Crimes Act has also elevated many of these risks to the criminal category. The necessary controls are not only internal, but also extend to third parties – clients, suppliers, consultants – so that many of them are necessary to adapt and fit into the industry itself, and are not just a matter of regulatory compliance with the authority.

We have a team of experts in each discipline, capable of covering all the risk areas required by these new standards. To this end, we work in coordination among the relevant specialties: criminal law, labor, environmental, corporate, insurance, insolvency, tax, free competition, securities market, intellectual and industrial property, information technology, etc. In this way, we can cover the risks of the entire spectrum of industries, and we advise them on the prevention of crimes and legal risks in general.

Our services consist in the implementation of crime prevention models within the framework of Law 20.393 on criminal liability of legal entities, the adaptation of corporate standards of foreign parent companies in the case of multinational companies, the identification of risks, the design of internal rules and policies for the prevention of specific risks, evaluation and monitoring of prevention models, etc. We seek solutions that make effective risk control compatible with the company’s practices and the development of its activities. We try to accompany our clients in the development of their activities so that they comply with the regulations at all times and so that their compliance culture is effectively transmitted to their managers and employees. We also advise on the implementation of the prevention model when events occur that require the activation of their reaction mechanisms.

Our compliance consulting work in the relevant areas includes:

  • Design and implementation of prevention models;
  • Risk identification and design of internal policies and regulations;
  • Evaluation and monitoring of existing models and compliance in general;
  • Ongoing advice on compliance with current regulations and relations with third parties;
  • Internal training through lectures and instructions.